Default Note 3 pouch by Reiko

So I love the cases that I have and sometimes I wear basketball shorts that have no pockets and have no place to put my phone. I started looking online for pouches that could possibly fit my phone with its current case still on. I stumbled upon the Reiko pouch on Amazon. Premium leather case with a magnetic door (can't think of the proper name at the moment) as well as belt loops and a clip.

My first impression when I got it was that it's fairly big. To the touch it felt nice. Didn't feel cheap and looked to be of good quality. Stitching was nicely done and I had no worries of it falling apart.

Now about the magnet. It's the size of a US nickel. Fairly big and works well. Strongest magnet I've had in a while. Shook the hell out of it while the phone was in and stayed closed everything.

Phone fits very well with my Spigen Bounce case and Spigen Neo hybrid. It fits pretty snug and it doesn't shake or wiggle around. Pouch has elastic bands on the sides for cases just a bit bigger. This pouch was made only for thin cases.

My overall thoughts about this pouch is its very good for the price. The only cons I have about this is the belt clip doesn't swivel and I wish one side of the case had a cutout for a charger. Other than that it's perfect. I will be buying the same pouch that fits the Otterbox and Zerolemon. It will fit my UAG case and ZL just fine. Oh I forgot to mention that the case only cost me $6.15 shipped with Prime in Amazon.

Hit THANKS if I helped in any way