Cloud Search [HELP] Missing a few APKs on Alcatel OneTouch Fierce

Let me say before I start, I feel incredibly stupid right now.

Backstory: Browsing through some of the stuff under /custpack seeing what I could rid of and what I could develop for. (BTW, is under /custpack/JRD_custres/media along with

Issue I'm having: WiFi is dead. Won't enable under settings. Flips on for a few moments then back to the off position.

Help needed: I believe that I had deleted an important file under /custpack/apps/unremovable/withlibs, I've currently have 3 APKs in the directory. I currently have AN-8.12.4_6c754a6-Tmobile.apk (Lookout Mobile Security), FactoryChargingMode.apk (something related to NAND flashing is my bet), and LatinIME.apk (keyboard layout). I remember there being a fourth. Having that file sent over should fix the problem, if not, back to the T-Mobile Store.


1. I was being stupid
2. I deleted stuff in /custpack/app/unremovable/withlibs
3. Can you send over a copy of the APKs in that folder.

Any help or other recommendations would be a great help.