Question [Q] Current best ICS/JB rom

I know this question was asked many times before, but last topic I found is almost an one year old. I tried some ICS ROMs somewhere in 2012, but none of them weren't so stable, optimized and with such gaming performance as GB. There were many FC's, touchpad support was mostly bad and so on. Meanwhile there come JB and I hope that nowadays situation is much better then before. I use about 6 months Gin2, before I used AuroraPlay and before Aurora NXT roms. There weren't much reason to upgrade from GB, but last time there are more and more games and apps that I would like to try but can't cause they are only for 3.0+/4.0+.
So I'm looking for rom, doesn't matter if ICS or JB:
1) Full touchpad support like GB - I don't know if there is any such rom, but I hope for it;
2) Performance close to GB - I want play XPO games and emulators (PSX, N64)
3) Good battery life - 2 days when I don't play any games and phone is most of the time in standby or max playing music (on Gin2 3 days is no problem)
4) Percentage battery and on/off tools in notification area