Exclamation [Q] How to restore my backed up Wi-Fi networks?

Okay guys, here's the deal. I flashed my Galaxy Nexus again after a few months because it became little buggy and installed the same version of stock android - 4.3. And I rooted it and realised that the WiFi networks are not restored when I signed in Google account and I'm pretty sure that the option has been checked. And I didn't want to flash my phone again because it was too late and I already backed up all the apps and configured everything. I was planning to do it later and I left it like that for 10 days and now I just removed my account and signed in with the hope to fix it without reinstalling everything and it didn't work. I have only 4-5 networks that I connected to them in the last 10 days. And why is it like that? I'm really getting annoyed by this because I had probably 100 networks there. Should I reinstall it again? It happened to me last year but I immediately reinstall it again and they showed up and now I left that thing for later. Is it possible that they're deleted from the Google? What should I do? There has to be some way! I just can't believe that all my networks will be lost forever. If it happened now then it'll happen again. I really want to know how to restore them from my account! Please help me, explain to me what to do