Cloud Search [Q] very low wifi signal 5 meter away from the router

Hi, i just got my new HTC one m7
installed insertCoin 7.0-5 (android 4.4, sense 5.5)
Baseband 4A.19.3263.13_10.38j.1157.04L
Kernel 3.4.10-g31f7883

When im right by the router (a good powerfull Asus RT-N66U) i got 100% signal, about 5-10 meter away (where my nexus still got 100% the HTC got 0-20% )
What can be the problem and how can i solve it.

Another problem is that my HTC wont find my cars bluetooth (he does found my computer the the bluetooth hardware isnt the problem)
Is there any solution for that?