Info 2 [Q][Bug] |Official 4.3| Power Button Reboots

So 4.3 ota is finally up and running.
Everything restored, perfect.

Until I installed gravitybox and Wanam.
It seems as though activating those apps changes the power button into hotreboot instead of power menu.
Very annoying becuase I loose all the mods when I turn the moduels off, but it fixes hotreboots.
Leave mods on and I profit...but power button doesnt bring up power menu (Lock function works normal btw)

Anyone else face this?

I did research with sec.key editor but changing key 116- to POWER_WAKE to POWER doesn't fix anything.
Seems deactivating the Xposed moduels is my only fix, but again I cant profit from the mods. Thanks in advanced

*I can live without advanced reboot menu and all the mods but of course if there is a fix why not