Default [REQ] GPE KitKat audio files | Unlock & Lock & Touch

I played around with cm11 but I decided I'm not ready for it yet, so I'm back on sense 5.5 KK 4.4 ARHD. Even though I liked the cm11 very much what I really miss about it is the snappy vanilla sounds it has for unlock/lock/touch..
If anyone could upload them into a flashable/nonflashable zip it would be amazing.

Edit:: I did manage to extract the ogg files from the cm11 ROM.. I guess it is no longer needed for me but others might want it.

Edit2:: appearntly , changing the 'tick' or 'touch' sounds in system data cripples the speakers, basically does a weird sharp static sound every time you 'tick' or 'touch' anything even on silent which got me worried, but switching back to stock 'tick' sound fixes the issue.. Anyone has an explanation to why this is behaving like this?