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[Q] How is storage counted in in HDX?

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Question [Q] How is storage counted in in HDX?

Being a naturally curious guy I decided to figure out why my KHDX with 64GB, but using a Safestrap ROM slot, is "running out of space".

Generally when that happens, I use "DiskUsage", an app in PlayStore by "Ivan Volosyuk", which I'd been using when my phone was an OG Droid, and this app was updated for KitKat and everything. I'm sure everybody had used it at some time. If you haven't... You should.


It's a storage visualizer, much like SequoiaView or WinDirStat on PC.

Any way, generally, when DiskUsage is on a phone, I should see
  • App Storage
  • Storage Card
  • /storage/sdcard0 (and perhaps sdcard1 as well)
  • [Root Required]

(That's the way my Droid Bionic is setup, running stock-based ROM and a Cyanogen Mod 10.2 in slot 1)

However, when the same app is on the HDX, running inside ROM slot 1... I get...
  • Storage Card
  • [Root Required]

No app storage, eh?

Also, the normally accurate progress bar where it reads all the directories and sizes? Jumped all over creation, counted up to like 312% and such crazy things. But eventually it told me that TOTAL storage I have on the 'storage card' is 6192MB with ZERO free space detected (eh?)

using "Root required" option lets you browse the directories with root permissions and yielded a bunch of interesting stuff under storage
  • /storage/emulated
  • /storage/emulated/0
  • /storage/emualted/0/Android/obb
  • /storage/emulated/legacy
  • /storage/emulated/legacy/Android/obb

None of these "emulated" stuff exists on my phone. (Droid Bionic has ROM, 8 GB "internal" SD, and I have a 32GB microSD in there too).

So, after all that blah blah blah... The question...

Can someone explain or link to article that explains how the storage is counted in the HDX?

How can there be no app stroage?
What is that "emulated" and "emulated/legacy"? (I 'll research that myself too)
And perhaps related to Hashcode's Safestrap HDX... Where is the rest of my 64GB?
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You should issue a "df" command in a terminal (adb shell from pc, or from pc with JuiceSSH for example. Here is my output on a slot rom on my 16G kindle. You can see that i have 3G left on 11G for sdcard.

What is probably happening is your virtual /data partition (slot) which store downloaded apps runs out of space (i think your limited with safestrap when creating the slot, i did choose 2G for me).

Now most games should install theire game data on sdcard, else i guess you should be able to use some move to sd options in applications settings or with an app.

Filesystem Size Used Free Blksize
/dev 871M 48K 870M 4096
/dev 871M 48K 870M 4096
/mnt/secure 871M 0K 871M 4096
/mnt/secure 871M 0K 871M 4096
/mnt/asec 871M 0K 871M 4096
/mnt/asec 871M 0K 871M 4096
/mnt/obb 871M 0K 871M 4096
/mnt/obb 871M 0K 871M 4096
/datamedia 11G 8G 3G 4096
/ss 11G 8G 3G 4096
/system 1G 1009M 74M 4096
/system/fonts 79M 79M 0K 1048576
/cache 295M 9M 286M 4096
/data 2G 905M 1G 4096
/persist 31M 4M 27M 4096
/firmware 63M 18M 45M 16384
/persistbackup 31M 4M 27M 4096
/mnt/shell/emulated 11G 8G 3G 4096
/storage/emulated/legacy 11G 8G 3G 4096
/storage/emulated 871M 0K 871M 4096
/storage/emulated/0 11G 8G 3G 4096
/storage/emulated/0/Android/obb 11G 8G 3G 4096
/storage/emulated/legacy 11G 8G 3G 4096
/storage/emulated/legacy/Android/obb 11G 8G 3G 4096

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