Default [Q] App notifications won't stay off

Anyone else notice this? I'm not rooted or anything, running the latest firmware (MJE). I turn notifications off in the apps that I can, and also go into the app manager and disable notifications from there. The thing is, randomly after a reboot the check box in the app manager is checked again. Of course I don't notice this until I get a notification from the app, even though they are still turned off within the app. I've gotten into the habit of checking the app manager first thing whenever I reboot now. I should note that I have the apps on my sd card. I'm waiting on it to happen again to make sure it's only after a reboot, then I'll move it back to the phone storage and see if it continues. Figured I would see if anyone else was running into this though while I wait. I figure it's either an issue with the apps and 4.3, an issue specific to this phone, or the apps don't like being on the sd card.