Default [Q] Verizon Samsung S4 i545 version 4.3 Kingo root

Here it goes, I have a Verizon Samsung S4 i545 that received the 4.3 update shortly after I got it, like less than a week. I have followed droidmoddderx for some time now and was able to root my galaxy nexus thru wugfresh and his tutorials. So I go to his you tube page and find a video titled " root anything android" or something close to that. It is a simple process and it is called Kingo root. I followed the instructions and viola I get root access, I get SuperSU , root checker basic and it says I have root access. I get Titanium backup pro, terminal emulator, ROM Manager and more root apps. So, I go to settings find the appropriate box to check for WiFi tether pops up a window stating that it has looked for subscription and I need to contact my provider, which is obviously out of the question since free wifi with my unlimited data is one of my biggest root uses. So I get on here search a few threads leave messages with you guys, some with droidmodderx and I get some suggestions to download a wifi toggle cause it works on theirs.I follow the suggestion and I explain I still have no hot spot . One of the toggles when activated will show a pop up in the upper message bar stating hotspot, but it drops back down and I have no hot spot, I left out that I tried the press the home key as soon as it says its searching for subscription and it has zero affect. I'm at a loss at this point and nothing I've read provides much in the way of confidence that anyone knows what they are talking about when it comes to this problem. I'm guessing the phone is too new and developers just haven't got to it yet, at least that's what I'm hoping. But I'm still willing to listen to and try other suggestions.