Default [Q} Which Sprint Android Phone Now?

Well guys, I hate to say it, this Evo 4g is giving me issues with lcd black lines and this is the 2nd time since I have gotten the screen replaced this has occured. I got this phone as a present a few weeks ago as a refurbished phone since my samsung nexus s 4g broke. I am at about $120 in budget for a newer used phone preferrably not refurbished as that just seems like a hassle especially with HTC. I have my eye set on 3 devices near my budget but I would like to explain what features I am looking for. I would like internal memory along with an external micro sd card slot. I would like to be able to run a kit kat rom with WORKING wimax(4g). I would like a decent camera. The only 3 models I have found near my budget are the samsung galaxy s2 (not a big fan of touchwiz), the nexus s 4g (which I have already had), or the samsung galaxy nexus (only 5mp camera and battery drains fast I've heard). Can someone make some suggestions? I would also prefer an XHDPI device for creating more themes for the t-mobile theme engine. Remember, I am on Sprint (CDMA/4G)