Wink Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317M Find my mobile not working

I hope someone can help me, find my mobile on my note II is not working, every time i turn on remote control looks like it is activated but if i choose the option again its off again, and if i go to the find my mobile web page it tells me i need to activate remote control on my phone, my phone has a custom rom: [4.3] DN3(Ditto Note 3) ROM for SGH-i317, SGH-i317M, N7105 from Electron Team (E-Team), before this rom i had installed the 4.3 stock rom and find my mobile works fine, so i would like to know if there is a solution for this or at least get to know what the problem is, i think it could be the custom rom or the devil kernel, or maybe that my note is the I317M and the rom makes you change the model to the I7105, sorry for my english i hope someone can help me.