Unhappy [Q] Eclipse Exports Incomplete APK Files

It's been a while since I last did any Android development, but it used to work fine. Now I haven't changed anything I can remember on my computer since then, but suddenly eclipse has stopped exporting Android .apk files correctly. I still have one of the old files that was exported correctly, but now when I export a file (even if it's just a blank new project) it is missing all resources and the AndroidManifest file. I have tried deleting and reinstalling eclipse and the Android SDK, but this hasn't helped.

If I change the APK to .zip and open it, the files I have now are classes.dex, and a folder called META-INF with CERT.RSA, CERT.SF, and MANIFEST.MF inside. If I do the same with my old .apk, I have these as well as resources.arsc, AndroidManifest.XML, a res folder, and an assets folder.

Any advice would be appreciated, as I've been staring at this trying to fix it for a few days now. Thanks!