Default Any possible QPST Unbricking methods for Hardbricked?

So for about a few weeks I have been reading on how to fix a Hardbricked Sprint Galaxy S3. After flashing roms for a year I finally dun goofed and neglected to look closely at the rom details and installed an International rom. So I finally got my 16GB Micro SD Card and followed the simple instructions on Unbricking with said card. The problem is the phone isn't responsive. I did however read up on QPST Unbricking and did some intensive studies on past posts reading page by page and what not. I even went so far as to get QPST to detect my phone allowing me to possible unbrick it. Here is where my question hits. Does anyone have any helpful files for QPST (i.e. xml Phone Images and what not) for this particular phone. Or if you think I did the Micro SD Recovery incorrectly please feel free to throw every trick at me. Im willing to try all suggestions before resorting to QPST.