Phone [Q] My micromax a100 is not starting up

I have rooted my phone using this thread.... and it worked fine and I tried to install a new JB 4.1.2 ROM and after installation of some %, it showed an error no. 7 and showed a message Installation Aborted. stopped in the middle and now my phone is not strarting.

Also to start "ADB Made Easy" it always shows .net framework error. I am using Win 8.1PRO. Since ADB ME is not compatible with Win 8, I have installed the same on my neighbour's PC who is using Win 7 Ultimate.

When the desktop speakers are ON, when I connect the A100 to the PC, with the help of speakers, I am able to listen to the sound that it is connected. I tried the same on a PC with XP and he (mobile technician) also confirmed that it works.

I have tried all the possible ways that are shown in this forum like VOL Down + Powerkey at the same time and connecting to the pc with usb cable and executing the program fastboot_upgrade.bat from A100 Fastboot_upgrade tool downloaded from this forum.

I will be more thankful to the people who can help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance.
Murthy, Just a Starter on this site as a thread poster.