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another sideload question....

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Default another sideload question....

went to flash my rom and accidentally wiped everything. placed the rom in the same folder as adb and renamed it rom.zip. in twrp when i select adb sideload the phone just says starting sideload feature but nothing else happens. in cmd i type adb sideload rom.zip and i just get this:
C:\Users\HP-USER\Desktop\Root_HTC_One_Sprint>adb sideload rom.zip
Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.26

-d - directs command to the only connected USB devi
returns an error if more than one USB device i
-e - directs command to the only running emulator.
returns an error if more than one emulator is
-s <serial number> - directs command to the USB device or emulator
the given serial number. Overrides ANDROID_SER
environment variable.
-p <product name or path> - simple product name like 'sooner', or
a relative/absolute path to a product
out directory like 'out/target/product/sooner'

If -p is not specified, the ANDROID_PRODUCT_OU

environment variable is used, which must
be an absolute path.
devices - list all connected devices
connect <host>:<port> - connect to a device via TCP/IP
disconnect <host>:<port> - disconnect from a TCP/IP device

device commands:
adb push <local> <remote> - copy file/dir to device
adb pull <remote> [<local>] - copy file/dir from device
adb sync [ <directory> ] - copy host->device only if changed
(see 'adb help all')
adb shell - run remote shell interactively
adb shell <command> - run remote shell command
adb emu <command> - run emulator console command
adb logcat [ <filter-spec> ] - View device log
adb forward <local> <remote> - forward socket connections
forward specs are one of:
localabstract:<unix domain socket name>
localreserved:<unix domain socket name>
localfilesystem:<unix domain socket name>
dev:<character device name>
jdwp:<process pid> (remote only)
adb jdwp - list PIDs of processes hosting a JDWP transpor

adb install [-l] [-r] [-s] <file> - push this package file to the device and
nstall it
('-l' means forward-lock the app)
('-r' means reinstall the app, keeping its dat
('-s' means install on SD card instead of inte
nal storage)
adb uninstall [-k] <package> - remove this app package from the device
('-k' means keep the data and cache directorie
adb bugreport - return all information from the device
that should be included in a bug report.

adb help - show this help message
adb version - show version num

(no option) - don't touch the data partition
-w - wipe the data partition
-d - flash the data partition

adb wait-for-device - block until device is online
adb start-server - ensure that there is a server running
adb kill-server - kill the server if it is running
adb get-state - prints: offline | bootloader | device
adb get-serialno - prints: <serial-number>
adb status-window - continuously print device status for a specifi
d device
adb remount - remounts the /system partition on the device r
adb reboot [bootloader|recovery] - reboots the device, optionally into the bo
tloader or recovery program
adb reboot-bootloader - reboots the device into the bootloader
adb root - restarts the adbd daemon with root permissions
adb usb - restarts the adbd daemon listening on USB
adb tcpip <port> - restarts the adbd daemon listening on TCP on t
e specified port
adb ppp <tty> [parameters] - Run PPP over USB.
Note: you should not automatically start a PPP connection.
<tty> refers to the tty for PPP stream. Eg. dev:/dev/omap_csmi_tty1
[parameters] - Eg. defaultroute debug dump local notty usepeerdns

adb sync notes: adb sync [ <directory> ]
<localdir> can be interpreted in several ways:

- If <directory> is not specified, both /system and /data partitions will be

- If it is "system" or "data", only the corresponding partition
is updated.


also, when i try to reboot it says my phone is no longer rooted and i cant reinstall supersu. i have on otg with the rom on but for some reason twrp wont mount the otg. thanks in advance.
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A few thoughts:

First, if you are specifying the rom.zip file in the side load as you did, make sure it is in the exact same directory from which you issue the adb command. Otherwise it'll never find it. Either that or give the full path to the rom zip file.

Second, TWRP doesn't support OTG on Sprint HTC One any more (the 2.6.3 release broke it -- may in the future get a fix, but it's broken now). You can load PhilZ and it will restore your TWRP backup as it supports OTG, and also CWM or TWRP nandroid formats. Also supports sideload, though I've not needed that so won't give any coments on that. TWRP is *great* but being intellectually honest, it's a bit broken on our m7wls/m7spr devices.
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