Tablet [Q] Super Mount app Question - how to?

Hello there, sorry for this noob question, but I am really eager to let my external SD card to work. I have checked out some of the methods like directory bind etc., although some of them do not work and even complicated for a noob like me; I saw this app called Super Mount in google play and also it was previously suggested as what i have read in the forum here in XDA regarding how to run your apps or games in your ext SD so you can save your phones' (in case my mine its tablet) internal memory, did some research, and so I have tried what I could but I cannot seem to make it work... here is the path that I have been using in the Super Mount....(the one listed below that is the example path in google play)

source path : /storage/extSdCard/Android/obb/ (my tablet)
mount path : /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/


source path : /storage/extSdCard/DioDict3B (the example on the supermounts screen shot in google play)
mount path : /storage/sdcard0/DioDict3B

So I was kind of trying to copy how the directory should be...and by the directory that I did, whenever I launch my game its not working....its virtua tennis by the way.....and it says i need to download the extrafile over the wifi connection, though it works fine if I install it in my internal SD and put the SD data in the OBB folder. So, I am assuming it has something to do with the mounting. I have successfuly installed Lidroid File Manager and its plug-in the Super Mount, I can mount and unmount successfuly via the plug-in, only that I cannot seem to make it work.

By the way, I have Folder Mount installed and I'm using it for some big games in the tablet. Would that affect the directory or something if I have it installed? I just noticed there's an "emulated" in the directory, would that do anything to make the lidroid not to work? I did not uninstalled it since I have games which I have already mounted via the Folder Mount and it might mess things up more, so just want to consult few experts here in the forum first. Thanks and more power

Galaxy Note 8 N5100 user.