Sign [Q] Absolute Best SMS/MMS Backup/Recovery

Have you ever lost your SMS/MMS messages restoring or installing new ROMs?

If you're like me, when you restore a Nandroid backup you do not want to have to lose your SMS/MMS, Phone Log, Contacts, etc.

I have bought or downloaded so many MMS backup stuff it ain't funny! All of them either Jumble up the chronologic order or miss a whole bunch of items and just don't work!

I have finally (for the better part of a year now) found a perfect solution, No Root Required, but if you're rooted, it still works fine.

Before I change roms, restore roms or anything that might alter the text messaging stuff, I do a backup of my sms/mms, phone log and contacts. (there are others to choose from as well) using MY BACKUP PRO, I first used My Backup Free, but since it worked so well, I bought the Pro version to support the author.

After I restore any previous nandroid, I reboot and go to the native Messaging app and DELETE ALL THE MESSAGES.
With a new rom, just install the rom, go to market and install Backup pro..

Then I simply open My Backup and restore the last backup I did and reboot. Simple, FAST, and I have never had any problems.
ALL THE MESSAGES are in the EXACT order and all the pictures in the MMS restorations are just like they were before I recovered the Nandroid. It's like I never changed anything! That is how I want it to work, and it does. (I have over 2,500 messages)

If you find yourself needing/wanting to save the stuff you have and want to reload a different ROM or Nandroid backup, You might just want to try this way of doing it. You just might be surprised as to how easy and fast this is.

I have configured My Backup to use the ExtSDcard as the repository for my backups, so that it makes things workable.
if you don't have an external SDcard, just do the backup, and copy the backup file to your PC so you can do the recovery after reinstalling The My backup app. If you cannot connect to the PC you can use AirDroid or even Gmail it to yourself.

Just my 2 cents ... For anyone that tinkers with their phone.
Aloha and Good Luck!!