Phone [Q] Alps Phonei5 The biggest problem ever seen

Hi everyone, it took me so long to register here since i'm not used to participate in forums, i just wanted to look in and never say anything, but now i really need help.

I've searched a lot, and found nothing useful to help me.
So, I got a Alps phone i5, dont ask me the vendor or anything related, i dont know a thing about it..
I dont even know the mtk, i think its mtk 6577, at least it was what a random software said a few months ago.

- Cant root (since the OK key isnt working on the root screen when i do the combo volume and the other key)
- Carrier not working (constant disconnect)
- CAnt connect to Google Play

I would like to use this phone even though, but it seems too hard..
I try to find a rom, but no sucess since i dont know jack about this phone.
I used to be able to join google play, and install apps, but now, since i restored fabric, i cant acess anymore, maybe because of google play updates, i quited trying to fix this about 2 months ago due to unsucess and lack of knowladge.. u would have installed ubuntu or anything else if i knew it is compatible .. but i dont even know the specs of the phone

What do I know?!
on the "about the phone screen"
Name: phone5
Network: unknown
Music: 0
Video: 0
Photo: 0
Total space: 64.00GB (lies, it doesnt have that much space lol)
Available space: 46.88-GB
Android version: @2131167138
Carrier: Unknown
Model number: i6
device serial: 7GXA14DP0N
wifi mac adress: wont tell u haha
bluethoot adress: unavailable
IMEI information: not available
ICCID: 8986 0111 6754 0196 0455
Modem firmware: 05.15.68

This is all i've got.
So i need you guys to help me, please (:
I tried to look up and installed a bunch of crap probably on my computer ..

Would be pleased if this would work once and for all
and btw, i was able to make calls and send messages before I restore the phone to fabric ..

Thanks in advance