Video [APP] Web Live Wallpaper: Set your own live wall papers

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Set your own live wallpaper

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Lightbulb [APP][1.5+] WebLiveWallpaper: set whatever you want as wallpaper or widget! (v0.98.4)
WebLiveWallpaper: Set content (galleries/animations/sites/cams from the web or local files/folders) as Live Wallpaper, live widget or as picture frame.
Create your personal show, create your own (animated) wallpaper with JavaScript!

Original first post:
I wrote my first live wallpaper today because I did not find something like it and thought it should not be too difficult to do. So here it is. I always wanted a real live wallpaper displaying something from the web instead of just a picture or offline animation. For me it is really useful because I can keep an eye on my favourite webcam over the day and decide to go there if the conditions stay or improve. A lot of other use cases should be possible ...

There is now also a picture frame app and a live widget included (also running on devices without live wallpaper support).

WebLiveWallpaper BETA

Some instructions are included in the app description!