Default vanir bluetooth problems

I just went from cyanogenmod to vanir 4.3.1 stable on toroplus and I am amazed at how much of an improvement this rom is over cm.i would love to keep this rom but I am having problems with my Bluetooth staying will stay on for a short time and just cut will only come back on if I go into settings and toggle it off and back on.then it only stays on a short time.i searched the boards here and also did a google search nd the best repair I could find was for vanire 4.2.2.i tried flashing this fix in hopes it would work but its actually worse now.can someone please show me a fix to this if it is available and post a link for the download as well?i love this rom and the devs did a great job in making it.but without the Bluetooth working I will have to go back to cm.i fully formatted and wiped this phone and did a complete fresh install.