Default [Q] Can anyone develop a one click add recovery feature for this phone

I own a boost mobile LG venice. Its a decent phone not the fastest but its pretty good. But I have it rooted and have tried unsuccessfully 3 different times to add CWM to it. Ive bricked it 3 times and unbricked it as well. Can SOMEONE with more knowledge then me make a one click recovery method for this device. I will GLADLY help in any way I can but I would really like to be able to install zips and change the kernal and rom.

On that note as well if its possible to make a smoothly operating, fully functional, but not RAM chewing rom for this phone I would greatly appreciate it and would donate to the one who makes a working rom for it. Im a mechanic so if possible maybe a mechanic muscle car themed, *gears for icons, tachometer and stuff like that for battery and ram meter. Idk I know thats really specific and it would take someone forever to make it but Id LOVE to help if someone is willing.

Thank you for reading my post