Default What phone should I buy now


I have HTC Sensation (rooted)- I was very satisfied with speed, very unsatisfied with various technical fault (battery not sticking in, pin not grounded)
HTC Wildfire (rooted) - very satisfied with technical built, but too slow for me
HTC Flyer (not rooted) - was perfect but recently died

I am looking for new android phone that will be closer to my HTC Flyer. I want it to be smooth working and don't have many technical issues. I would prefer if it is not the newest since I appreciate having decent choice of custom ROMs if I am unhappy with stock ROM and that usually doesn't happen before 3 -6 months since phone is on the market.

My budget is 200-300 ($400-$600?) (prefer to stick with lower price unless there is something rly good out there)

Any recommendations?