Default i ask for help my vodafone smart mini 875

Please help my and the group that has this device...the firmware is android 4.1.1 and the upgrade made by Vodafone has damaged it...i ask for a porting of the kitkat or 4.3 version or a cyanogen if it is possible, because this device is usefull , many people judges it poor, it's true but if you try to play weight games...there was a cook who little time ago cooked roms as smartmix or A4 etc... but also this versions are unstable and old. my request is if for christmas as gift Someone can make a rom kitkat or cyanogen... i heard that vodafone maybe will relase the updating for 4.1.2...but is it normal? what news will changed? the device will explode or overheat as a star? i'm tired and for this reason i turn to you...i can get you information as kernel (3.4.0.) or also things, the firmware stock is readily available, if it's possible to do anything i thank you same(sorry for my bad english) and merry christmas to all people of the forum.