Default (fix)I337M 4.3 WiFi not turning on

Okaaaay... I am going to share my story because it ended up fixing my WiFi issue and I have read some similar issues. So after being rooted on 4.2 I broke it with the OTA 4.3 I wanted to check it out. I then used chainfire to root again. I blacked out hangouts, I installed 4.4 launcher, and xposed framework with 3 modules. I noticed that when I toggled my WiFi on it would hang, it would get stuck on "turning on...:" sometimes it would turn on, and I would enter my password, then it would hang right after I pressed connect then eventually it connected. If I restarted my phone, turned off the WiFi or left the area.. I would go through the same issues. When I pressed the toggle it would not show up as green to display on or grey to display off. It was a dark green trying to turn on.

My recovery is TWRP. This is what I did to try and solve it. I took off all the xposed modules. Nothing (as suspected), I did a factory reset.. it did not work. I tried *#0011# and pressed the menu button and selected wifi and turned off wifi power save. That did nothing.

I finally made the decision to break root put everything back to stock in case I need to take it back. Instead of Odin I thought I would give Kies 3 a try. I downloaded Kies 3, plugged in my phone and selected Tools>Firmware upgrade and initialization. It went through its motion.. I noticed that KNOX went back to 0x1 it booted up. Wifi worked.. perfectly! I also had all my apps still installed and didn't lose texting or have to put in my accounts again.

I am going to re root it and see if it recreates the problem.. Hopefully not. I'll advise.

**Update** Re-rooted..using chainfire's method WiFi works great..