Default [Q] Multiple Google Accounts and the Play Store

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... My wife decided to purchase me a brand shiney new Droid 2 as a surprise. The rep @ Verizon typed my email incorrectly, creating a new Google Account for me. Instead of "draexo" the rep typed "draxeo". I did not notice for some time and was purchasing apps under the miss-spelled user name. Forward many years and I still have two Google Accounts. Every ROM I flash, I put in both accounts so that my paid apps would not have to be purchased again. Most of the paid apps under the miss-spelled name are no longer around, however a few key apps are (ROM Manager, SET CPU, TiBu). I would like to finally retire this miss-spelled Google Account. I figured out that to re-purchase the apps would be under 20$ so I am all set to do that. Is there a way, however, to sort out which of my APPS were purchased under which account and which FREE apps were downloaded under which account. I was thinking TiBu would sort by account, but it does not appear to have a filter for Google Account. Any ideas or suggestions I can try?