Default [Q] tasker extention for missed call and name?

Hi. I had a few questions before I bought tasker. any help is appreciated.

1) will it drain battery? I need simple tasks such as notification counts for zooper and was wondering if it was hard on the battery life?

2) IS it possible and if so what would be the tasker variables/value if I wanted to display the total number of missed calls and his caller ID in a zooper widget? Can this also be done for other apps like whatsapp where I can get the sender ID and perhaps the first line of the message that they sent?

So in concrete if my friend jack called me and then sent me a text how can I create a variable that I can use in Zooper to display it as:

1 missed call from Jack

and for the text to output as:

JACK says "Where movie is playing at the club tonight?"

with the text in quotations being the message text.