Default [Q] Nexus 5 Bootloop, Stock ROM and Bootloader, possible to recover data?

I received a replacement Nexus 5 after the screen on my first one was flickering. Since I had to move all of my files over anyway, I used CF-Auto-Root to unlock the bootloader and root the new phone. I then used BootUnlocker to relock it. I did that last week, and everything was fine. Earlier today, I installed Tasker with Secure Settings, to disable Pattern Lock while I'm at home. While I was out, I turned my phone off, and when I tried to turn it back on, it was stuck in a bootloop. I restarted the phone numerous times after unlocking and relocking the bootloader, without any issues. The only difference between restarting it this time and last time was Tasker and Secure Settings. I should be able to recover the phone by doing a factory data reset from Recovery Mode, but before I do that, is there any way to recover my files? Specifically my SMS and MMS messages? Thanks.