Default Nexus 7 4.4.2 update

For the life of me I cant get 4.4.2 to install/boot on my nexus 7 2012 wifi
Wondering if there is a stock rooted zip out there so i can just flash it and be done with it.

locked/unlocked bootloader
flashed the stock image (installs/boots but doesnt start) '' fails at start.
flashed 4.4 image and tried to update via OTA (fails)
flash 4.4 and tried to sideload the update in stock recovery (failed, unexpected contents in system/google email)
flash 4.4 and tried to install update viz TWRP...failed

running out of ideas. My last hope is a 4,4,2 stock rooted rom i can just flash via twrp. but there doent seem to be one.
found one for my n10/n5, but not my n7 (2012 wifi)

any leads?

Nexus 10/Galaxy Nexus
Both rooted and customized to my approved level of awesomeness...