Arrow [problem][bug] Touch inputs during a phone call


I've been using PACman (Android 4.2.2) on my Nexus 4 earlier this year and didn't have bigger problems like this, but since I switched back from CyanogenMod to PACman (Android 4.3) at the beginning of December (full wipe), I discovered a very annoing bug.

When I'm doing a phone call and holding the phone to my ear, the proximity sensor detects this as expected and turns off the display. But touch inputs are still getting detected and executed, and when I remove the phone from my ear and the display turns on again, I'm in any Settings screen or HALO has been activated, most likely because of the ear touches the device in the upper area, where the quick shortcuts are located in the notification area.

I reproduced this behaviour like this. I did a phone call, put the phone on the table, covered the proximity sensor with a finger of one hand, display turned off (black), swiped with a finger of the other hand from top to bottom of the display, uncovered the proximity sensor, display turned on again and the navigation area was shown. I repeated this several times, same behaviour each time.

I didn't find anything about this in the Logs, mostly because of I don't know what to search for.

Facts which might be interesting:

* Google Nexus 4
* PACman Nightly 20131201-20131223 (not every single version in between)
* Nove Launcher
* Xposed Framework installed

Please take a look at this.