Default [APP][4.0+] Tincore Quickflasher

Tincore Quickflasher


* I'm not responsible of any damage that using this app may cause. This application can brick your device so use it only if you assume the risk *

This application flashes android firmwares on a number of devices. No need for recovery or PC.

This is useful, for instance, to quickly switch between kernels.

* Basic usage instructions:

1. Select your device
2. Select your package
3. Click INSTALL NOW and wait.

* Prepare package instructions:

This is meant to be done by people cooking firmwares as a way to easily distribute updates or options.

The application searches for zipped packages on a /quickflasher directory on any of your SD or USB mounted devices. This packages can contain partition images and/or scripts.

The packages have to be named "<somename>"

Inside the zip you can place:

Any number of images that you want to flash. They need to have the same name as the partition to flash. (i.e boot.img, kernel.img etc...)

Any number of scripts that you want to execute. Scripts can have any name and they should have .sh extension.