Default [Q] [TWRP] Can I mount the internal memory?

Quick background. I'm fairly experienced with everything involving rooting and installing custom roms. I actually had a custom rom on my Eris. Last night I remembered I hadn't updated to the newest cm nightly in a while and I was having camera issues. For the last few months i've used the cm built in updater to update. The download must have been corrupt and when trying to install it failed and the phone is boot looping.

I have no backups on the phone. No clue where they went or why I would have deleted them and I have no valid rom file on the phone.

Can I mount the internal memory using twrp recovery ? My sd cards are all at work which I'm off for the holiday so not currently an option.

My PC recognizes the phone when I plug it in. I even tried to push a file using odin the phone was recognized in a com port but the file push failed.

Any help is appreciated. Currently using my Gnex with KitKat and no apps. Runs fairly quick.