Default [Q] No audio out to earphones or external speakers

Just got myself a Galaxy Note 8.0 (WIFI) for about 2 weeks. Everything was working well until I need to watch a movie on the plane. Then realized I got no audio on the earphones. The earphones used is not the ones that comes with the Note 8.0. It was the ones from my Note 2.

But I don't think the problem lies with the earphones. Anyway I tried again with an external speakers. Again no audio.

The audio out on the built-in speakers are good.

I am using the default video player. And Android 4.2.2. Upgraded when I first booted up the machine.

Tried going through the system sound settings and software (video player) settings. But nothing works.

And when I plug in the earphones or speakers, the message "something" connected is shown in the status bar.

So is it because the input jack is not working or something else? Hate to bring it back to the service center cos it will be one month later when I get back to Singapore. Now I am in China.

Any help will be much appreciated.