Thumbs up Solution of viber mic hijacking at LG P920

Hi All ,

i've got a same problem through a month ago and i finally got solution but first you should know the following facts :

1- When i faced this problem i sent my LG P920 to warranty office and after two weeks i received my mobile with new motherboard because they think its a motherboard problem so they replace my old one with new one but it's appear that it's not the solution because after one day when i setup viber on my mobile after first call the problem back to surface again and the viber hijacking mic again so its not a hardware problem

2- When you do factory reset or new software for mobile that's appear problem still there so it's not a mobile software problem

3- There is no official ICS for mobile till now so don't listen to people who's say that update to ICS because there is no official ICS for it and also it's not a solution and also ICS on lg p920 have slow responsive at all

and after some trails i find the solution and am try it and mobile and viber works fine with all performance and mic works correctly in both

The Solution is :

1- uninstall the viber u have on your mobile from app manager

2- after uninstall viber pull out the battery for 5 sec. and put it again and power on mobile

3 - download this version of viber on your mobile and install it , here is the link of viber version
( )

4- open google play and from it's setting close auto update for apps.

5- do not update viber to any new version if you get notification for update

Congratulations now your viber and mobile works fine without any problems or mic hijacking

Conclusion : the mic hijacking problem is a newer version of viber problem so you should use an older version of viber (link at step 3 )thats all so if you need the newer version of viber u have to wait till this problem may solve in the coming version

Waiting your reply after do it

Thanks to All