Post [Q] Random Reboot after 4.3


I hope I am not the only person experiencing this issue and wanted to get some feedback from here.

Ever since the 4.3 upgrade , I have been getting a lot of random reboots . Usually this random reboot happens 2-3 times a day ( while I am awake ) . I have tried various TW based roms i.e DN3 and JediMasterx1 and 2 but it is the same issue.

Have not seen this AOSP based roms , as far as i can remember i.e IOKP and Carbon ( 4.3 ). I am thinking of going back to Jedi X18 and see if the issue still remains.

Can someone please assist and point in the right direction as to how to fix this ?
Google Nexus Carbon Black 32 GB

Current ROM : Slim Rom or Stock

Location : GTA , Toronto..

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