Default [Q] Lockscreen button/gesture alternative LS


I did search for lockscreens and didn't find anything close to what i am looking for. I used to use a Jailbroken iPhone and one of the only things I miss is this lockscreen system I had in place;

If I wanted to lock the screen and not have to put in a pin number to open it every time I just pressed the sleep button. However if I wanted it to have pin lock I just held the sleep button for a second.

It's so simple and saves so much time.

So I suppose if I had the standard lockscreen (I am Note 3) with a pin unlock, and the alternative being WidgetLocker (with no pin unlock) then i could just switch between the two. If that's possible, then it would just be a question of assigning widgetlocker to a button/gesture.

Do you know of anyway to achieve what I want?

Thanks, Chris