Default not all issues/bugs can be solved by a full ddlf2 re-flash

As in the title during my last tests with many roms i found that some minor issues was not resolved by reflashing the ddlf2(full)

just to share my experience i will tell the full story for tose who are intersted

All started a couple of months ago when i was running the italian value pack with root and ext4 format when i have decided to wipe due to general phone slowdown . After the wipe i had 2 major bugs no notifications from fb apps and i was unable to login to hangouts. To solve the problems i tried to flash the ddlf2(full) and the bugs was still there so i tried an upgrade to ddmf1 same result.
Finally i tried the old way xxkpe->italian value pack(i'm unable to find the original ddlf2 rom i have only the modified one but the result is the same) and solved the notification issues for the hangouts app login that wasn't enought so the only solution i found is to uninstall hangouts and google play services from the phone (deleting chache and data) then reinstall hangouts and trought hangouts request install google play services again.

So in the end the best solution for issues and bugs is still to restart from xxkpe even if there is a lot of people that solves them just by re-flashing the ddlf2(full)

p.s.:Just to avoid any misunderstandings when i say ddlf2(full) i intend the 4 file version with .pit
p.s.2: Can someone provide a new working link to the original ddlf2(1 file) rom the only one working have a corrupted one here