Default [Q] why can't I stop media playing

What is it with Android media players that the majority of them (if not all) don't have the ability to outright stop media from playing, even if you close the application. The only thing you'll see in media players is a "pause" button, but I'd like the ability to say "OK, I'm done here, I'd like to close this out and **EXIT** the player, unloading any media I have playing (or paused) and closing out the files. If I close a media player on Linux, Windows, etc. it will stop playing: I'd like to find a media player for Android that behaves the same way.

The widespread inability to outright stop media playback implies to me that it's an inherent flaw in Android. I don't know if iOS has the same problem, I don't use those (I expect on a Surface Tablet, yo simply have to wait a few minutes until the system crashes )