Default [Q] Phone won't start - adb unauthorized

Hey fellas...

here's the deal. I had this great idea to format my phone. so I formatted system / data /sd-card etc. on my Nexus 4 via CWM.

That was stupid. Of course.

What I did not think about was that I dont have an OS on my phone anymore and that I deleted my data and therefore cant install an OS right now.

What I can do is access CWM. My laptop also recognizes my phone as plugged in via adb. But when I ask for adb devices it tells me that its unauthorized.
This is where I am stuck. Because I cannot acces usb-debugging. I cannot kill the adb server, because I won't get the prompt to accept this laptop.

Since CWM is working fine, is there any way for me to push a rom on the phone?

I am absoluetly clueless...