Default [MOD] Adfree System without RW Access to /system

Hey there,

this is my first thread ever created by me in a development forum.

I wanted to share my sollution for a adfree Android system, without unlocking the boatloader to get R/W access to /system.

I did try it on my device, everything went fine, but i will not take any kind of reponsibility for your devices. Also your warranty may be void!

What you need:

- rooted XTZ (i tried it on the 16GB Wifi only version)
- busybox installed
- Android SDK or adb.exe
- patched hosts file, I took mine from my HTC ONE with adaway installed (unzip first)
How to do it:
- get a patched hosts file from another device, or use mine (attached)
- put the file on the root of your sd card (so it will be /sdcard/hosts)
- connect your tablet to your PC, make sure usb debuggig is turned on
- launch cmd window, where your adb.exe is located
- entering following commands:
0. adb shell
1. su
2. stop ric
3. busybox pkill -f /sbin/ric
4. mount -ro remount,rw /system
5. busybox cp -af /sdcard/hosts /system/etc/hosts
- if everything went ok, you should now be able to see all the entries in your /system/etc/hosts file
- sadly you have to update the file if there some new adhosts, but it will remove a lot of annoying ads from all apps and the browser
- the changes are permanent, even at a reboot

Just let me know, if you have some kind of questions!

thanks @juanyunis for the [TEMPORAL-FIX] Remount RW /system reboot thread, from which i got some ideas.

Greetings from Germany
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