Default An app to determine if sideloaded apps are up to date?

So the context of my question. I have purchased a great many indie bundles over the year, Indie Gala, Groupees, Humble Bundle and now iKoid. Through these bundles I obtained quite a healthy selection of games across several platforms, including for many titles Android. Anyways I'm getting an Android gaming tablet for Christmas and was compiling up my selection getting an idea of what I have.

But upon closer inspection, some of the apk's provided by these providers are out of date. Now the bundle provider relies on the developer to update them, they don't chase, so if the developer forgets to send updated versions to the bundle providers then the only way to get it updated is for the end user (me) to notice and chase the bundle provider; who in turn will chase the developer. But my collection is big now and will only grow and keeping tabs on whether my version matches the market is going to be a pain.

So the question, is there an app that can compare my currently installed apk versions to the ones on the marketplace? I know I cannot update through the marketplace as they are paid apps that I've purchased by means other than Google, but utilising it as an indicator my apps are out of date would be very useful to me. I've done a hefty amount of searching and found nothing so if it doesn't exist then so be it, thought I'd at least ask before forsaking the possibility.