Default [Q] Clarification Needed

Hey guys. GOt my AT&T s4 here. first one i got couple weeks ago got the MK2 OTA and downloaded just fine, never got TWRP thru GooManager or CWM thru ROM Manager to work n install a recovery. SafeStrap is the only thing i had gotten working. Phone ended up getting wet, switched the board inside with that from a slightly older s4. this one came with the MDL firmware. However this time TWRP thru GooManager worked. So i installed couple other recoveries that wouldnt work before, one with Auto-Loki feature and the other was SafeStrap. With SafeStrap i installed two versions of CM11, none of which got beyond a black screen. Also i have little to no signal since dealing with MDL. Tried to update to MK2, but this time i get a reboot 2 my custom recovery followed by Status 7 error. I am interested in trying out a CM11 ROM, as well as maybe one or two TouchWiz ROMS. Mainly CM, really love the Torch app. What do i need 2 do in general to accomplish this? Ive got ODIN, pretty sufficient experience rooting and modding phones,so not a completely dummy here. Was wondering if i maybe needed to flash a kernel to get those CM ROMS working. any guidance is extremely appreciated.