Default Issues with official cm11 for inc4g plus-- who is managing this project??

First... Who is the main developer of this project? I'd like to know so I can ask them directly or otherwise be directed to the right forum page.

Second... issues with cm11 I've noticed and experienced.

Dialer does not respond to automated systems when dialing out.

SMS - sending any text causes GSM signal to disappear entirely and several minutes have to go by before it comes back up. To clarify, i'm using T-Mobile service in this phone. I didn't have issues in cm10.1 and 10.2 with this.

WiFi - will not connect to any AT&T 2wire modems. This has been an issue since using cm10 and doesn't misbehave on stock with said modems.

–Settings menu –

* Mobile networks>APN Settings are not present.

* CDMA Subscription Settings menu is gone.

* Various other settings are missing. logcats will not help to find what menus are missing because there isn't anything wrong with the menus. The build was not done properly and I don't know how someone would completely miss the APN settings.

Let's see... Dang I really must write to the developer or team in charge of the project...they need to know whats up.

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