Question [Q] Bluetooth filetransfer only oneway

Sorry I don't know exactly where to post bug reports and I must not post to developer forums.

I've now tried out several custom builds, at latest this "[ROM] [MARVEL] [4.2.2] [ALMOST BUGFREE] Android Open Kang Project (AOKP)". Any of the 4.x builds have a bug in the bluetooth filetransfer. While it's possible to send from the custom build to other devices, it's not possible to accept any file sent to the custom build. I guess the filetransfer itself would work but the problem is within the "acceptance question" on the custom build. It seems as if this question dialogue is timed out before the user has a chance to accept it. This is easily visible on the "Kevinjoa-Sense4_v3.1" build where the questions at least shows up but is immediately timed out. On the "[ROM] [MARVEL] [4.2.2] ... (AOKP)" build this question dialogue is not even shown.

Is there anything I could do to discover the bug (log, etc)?