Prompt [Q] HTC One to Google play edition

Hello everyone,

1.) I just ordered HTC One from O2 (in Germany), there is no O2 thread, so which version of HTC One am I going to get ?

2.) If you don't know, how can I check it ?

3.) Once I know that, how can I convert my HTC One to Google play in order to get official updates from Google without having to wait for O2 (I won't be using phone in Germany anyway) ?

I am fine with rooting my phone, I don't want custom roms though. (If there is no way for googlep lay edition updates, I probably would be open to revolution or CM).

If you readers have some time and information about it, I would really appreciate you sharing it.
HTC One / Android 4.4.2 Stock rooted / Xposed Framework / ElementalX 10.8 / FW 4.06.1540.3 / TWRP / Rumrunner S-off / CID-11111111