Default [Q] Save data from Android locked


First, i can tell you that i'm not very good in english, sry :X

Yesterday, my sister try to unlock the schema on my phone and blocked it. I try to recover my phone by my gmail account however my phone wasn't connect to internet (no 3G and no Wifi) so i can't use this option...
I read a lot of thread on french and english forum without findings a solution, but i still hope a solution before hard reset, because i get some important data (professionnal sms), and "like a boss" i haven't save it before...
For information, my phone is a Wiko Cink Peax 2 on Android 4.1.2 and isn't rooted.

Also, i search at last if i can extact my data (picture and video done by data transfer) like sms and contacts from my phone via USB ? And not by an application... I was thinking about to copy whole memory of the phone and paste it after hard reset? ^^'
Otherwise, i search if i can activate internet? Or connect my phone to internet (by micro-USB? 0.o) ? to save my phone by gmail account?
Or if they are an other methods to save the data?..

Thanks for possible answers,
I wish you a merry christmas