Storage [Q] USB OTG only for StockROM?

first of all, i'm not good in english, it's not my native language. I hope you guys understand me anyaway.

Since a week now i'm using Cyanogenmod 11 (beta 2 atm) for my Xperia S, included unlocked bootloader and stuff (i did it only because of CM 11).
And i have a USB OTG cable from "Decrescent", the Amazon description says it works with Sony Xperia S ...but nothing!

I tried different USB-Sticks, keyboards, other thinks but nothing works (only the LEDs from some USB-Devices flashing).
I googled about 2-3 hours now, tried different thinks, many playstore apps but, still notghing.

Yesterday i tried it on a Galaxy S3 from a friend, all works, no probs.

EDIT: ow, only a USB-Stick from a friend works, but not more.

Now my question(s): does the kernel for/or CM 11 don't have OTG support? what can i do/try?

I hope, somebody can help and i'm in the right section here to ask thinks like this.
4.4.2 KitKat - CyanogenMod 11