Default [Q] Sim Toolkit (Stk.apk) not working on converted E975

I have a korean phone 180L with stock E97510F HK to E97510F PH to E97510H SG

I don't know if anyone has problem with it been searching inside/outside the forum I couldn't get the some answer. Usually in my other phone if it doesn't work mainly because it was place in data/app instead of system/app and compatibility between odexed and deodexed. and between different type of android version. But I did everything, replace it, dalvic wipe, NO matter what I did Sim Toolkit (Stk.apk) wont show in my app drawer.

Edit: Now using v10H EUR still it won't show
LG Optimus G F180L to E975v10H EUR
Kernel: STOCK

Xperia Mini ST15i
Rom: Nextgen V8
Kernel: Kappa 1.6