Unhappy [Q] I747M not seeing Telus network

Telus could not unlock my S3 I747M,refunded me CAD35 and advised me to unlock third party,if I want. I took the phone to India and unlocked it through local mobile shop.Inserted Vodafone SIM and it did not work great,most of the times it did not receive the call. Came to Canada and inserted Telus SIM and did not see any Telus network.When I searched for network,it did find Rogers network.Tried everything with Telus technical support and the person who "unlocked" my phone in India.Rooted the phoned through Odin too. It has Android 4.3. Should I use this phone as wi-fi only or gift it to someone in India where the networks are more customer friendly and GSM is available? Can anyone help me?