Prompt Flashing T-Mobile version (900T) modem on a Dev Edition

I see that the T-Mobile version note 3 and the vzw dev edition are very similar, the kernels and a lot of the other stuff are interchangeable between the two.

If I were to flash just the T-Mobile version modem (not bootloader or kernel) to see if that would unlock wcdma band 4 (1700/2100 mhz) to get the t-mobile hspa+ 42, what would happen if it were to be incompatible? Would it be recoverable since the dev edition bootloader is unlocked? Would it be just a matter of loading into Odin mode and reflash MJ7 modem, so it would be a soft brick, or would it be a hard brick that cannot be recovered from?

Has anyone flashed an incompatible modem on the dev edition, which didn't really work on it, was was still able to recover from it and restore back to a Verizon modem?

Thanks for suggestions.